ARRI CSP-1 Shoulder Pad (15mm bridge)

Price: € 150

The ARRI CSP-1 Shoulder Pad includes a 15mm LWS rod bracket suitable for most cameras and a bracket suitable for the ALEXA Mini and designed around the Mini Adapter Plate MAP-2.

The CSP-1 clamps onto 15mm lightweight rods (sold separately) either forward or set back from the baseplate. Choose the set up which best suits your shoulder or arm comfort along with the camera balance. Should you need to set down your rig between shots the padding of your CSP-1 will not touch the ground when placed on a flat surface. This will help retain the padding for longer periods of use.

When fitted to the ARRI camera Shoulder Pad CSP-1, the ARRI Low Bracket (sold separately) transforms your handheld operating experience by lowering the ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera on the shoulder by 15mm. Please view the camera configured with the Low Bracket in our photos.

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