Tiffen Hot Mirror IRND 4x5.65

Price: € 300

Available as pack or individual filters. Additional photos on request.

Pack cost: 300 euros Individual filters: 40 €/filter

The Tiffen IR Hot Mirror Filter - 4x5.65 addresses IR pollution, a significant issue in many modern camera systems which are inherently sensitive to infrared light, particularly those which do not incorporate an internal IR blocker (such as single CMOS cameras). The HMIRND filter blocks unwanted IR light and has matched IR and ND components to assure accurate color reproduction in the near infrared region.

NOTE: The Tiffen Hot Mirror (HM) filter is offered as a stand alone filter (sold separately) for those looking to block just the IR portion of the spectrum, with no appreciable loss of light transmission.


  • Blocks Near and Far IR (infrared) contamination, enabling a wider color gamut
  • Maintains exposure balance and more accurate colors
  • Compatible with standard 4x5.65 mattebox filter trays/holders
  • Ideal for CMOS cameras without an integral IR blocking filter

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