Canon C200 EF

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A newcomer in the cinema line - Canon EOS C200 EF. If you need small, lightweight yet powerful camera delivering 4K DCI RAW and compressed images for either documentary or drama, this is the right tool for you. Built in ND filters help with fast exposure changes, CFast2.0 cards give ability to shoot RAW Lite and everlasting batteries give you flexibility to mobile and still run the whole day without power problems.

What’s included?

  • Canon C200 EF camera body
  • Canon LM-V1 4" LCD Monitor for C200 and C200B
  • Rode shotgun microphone


  • ARRI MMB-2 Mattebox 4x5.65” 2-stage
  • Wooden Camera top plate Canon C200
  • Wooden Camera unified baseplate Canon C200
  • 2x 15mm Rods 9”


  • ARRI UBS-3 Handgrip Set without on/off
  • ARRI Shoulder Pat CSP-1
  • Canon Handgrip
  • Wooden Camera Canon C-Series Handgrip Extension Cable


  • 3x SanDisk SD Card 64GB


  • 2x Canon BP-A60 Battery Pack
  • 1x Canon BP-A30 Battery Pack
  • Charger